Alvappillai Veluppillai
Epigraphical Evidence(s) for Tamil Studies
Study of the Dialects in Inscriptional Tamil
Pandya Inscriptions - A Language Study
Ceylon  Tamil  Inscriptions,  Part  I
Ceylon  Tamil  Inscriptions,  Part  2
The  Hindu  Confrontation  with  Jainism  and  Buddhism  - Saint   TirunAnacampantar’s   polemical   writings,  The   Problem   of   Ritual
The   NaTukal   Phenomenon   in  Tamil   Culture.   Problems  and  Prospects
The  Significance  of  the  Syrian  Christian  Inscriptions  of  Kerala
A  History  of  Tamil  Buddhism  in  Ilankai
The  maRavar  in  Exile -  Some  Notes  on  the   maRavar  connections  with northern  Ilankai
The Historical  Background  of  the   MaNimEkalai  and  Indigenization  of Buddhism  in  Tamil.
Religions  in  YAlppANam  upto  the  thirteenth  century  A. D
A Note on a Fragmentary Tamil Inscription of the vIrakoTi from Budumuttava
Locative  Terms  in  Tamil - A  Semantic  and  Historical  Study
The  Hyponymy  and  Hierarchical  Structure  of  Lexemes  in  Tamil
Modality in Jaffna Tamil
Opposition and Contrast in Tamil
Co-ordination in Tamil
Four Fragmentary Tamil Inscriptions from Polonnaruva - Alahena Parivena
Number in Jaffna Spoken Tamil
Cleft Sentences in Tamil
Commonness in Early Old Palaeography of Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka
Tamil in Ancient Jaffna and Vallipuram Gold Plate
Tamil Influence in Ancient Sri Lanka with Special reference to Early Brahmi Inscriptions
Language Variations in Sri Lanka Tamil Inscriptions
A Review of the ‘Treatment of Morphology in TolkAppiyam
Commonness between Malayalam and Jaffna Dialect of Tamil. Paper presented to the First World Conference on Malayalam and Kerala Culture
Some Observations on the Negatives in Tamil
Inscriptional Tamil as a source for the History of Tamil Language
The Gender System in the Dravidian languages
A Study of the Jaina Tamil Inscriptions at KaÒukumalai.
Viiracoozhiyam as a grammar of Inscriptional Tamil
Adjectives in Tamil
Thirteen papers
A Historical Evaluation of K؈„car Kalve††u
A Comparison of Some of the Tamil Versions of the Anklet Story in Sri Lanka
A Comparative Study of Bhakti Literature of Pandya and CoÒa Kingdoms
Sentence Connection in Tamil
Tamil Palaeography as an Aspect of Culture
Some New Findings from a critical study of the three earliest Tamil Inscriptions discovered in Sri Lanka
Siva and Kumåra worship in Ancient Sri Lanka - Some Possible Links with Later Hinduism
The Place of Tamil in the Dravidian Languages
Religious Traditions of the Tamils
The Encounter of Religions in the History of Tamil Culture
A Negative Evaluation of Non-Buddhist Indian Religions in the ManimEkalai, ‹ A Buddhist Woman\s Path to Enlighenment
The Role of Rebirth in the Lives of the MaNimEkalai, A Buddhist Woman\s Path to Enlighenment
Patterns of Basic Sentences in Tamil and Some Semantic Observations
A Review of ‘Indian Palaeography’ by A. H. Dani
Auxiliary Verbs in Sri Lankan Tamil
Some Observations on Epigraphical Usages in Tamil,
Early Sri Lanka Tamil Literary Works and their Historical Background
Essays on the Religion of the Tamils
An outline of Tamil Literary Thought
A Historical Grammar of Tamil
Inscriptions and Tamil Studies